Pest Control

Commercial & Domestic Pest Control Experts

When pests find their way onto your premises it can be very distressing, not to mention damaging to your reputation, if you run a business or public-facing organisation. We have the tools, skills and equipment to ensure those bugs and beasts are dealt with as quickly as possible. We will also provide advice on ensuring your premises are as pest proof as possible. Based in Belfast, we provide our clients throughout Northern Ireland & The Republic of Ireland with expert solutions .

Flying & Crawling Insects
Ants, Wasps, Flies, Bed Bugs & SIlverfish.
Pest Control

On-Site Proofing

Using a range of approved and effective baiting, trapping and extermination techniques, we can deal with any pests that are causing you problems. We carry out all pest control services in a controlled, methodical and safe manner, ensuring you know exactly which areas have been treated or if these areas need to be vacated for a set period of time.

Remember, if you see one pest on your property, it’s usually a good indication there are more nearby – so don’t delay calling in the professionals for pest control services. The Concept Group have been providing expert solutions to our clients’ pest problems throughout Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland since 1999.


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